Aloha- Benvenuto- Welcome!


It’s so nice to have you here !

Let me introduce myself.

I'm nina...aka, nina cucina.


Where to begin? I’ll start with why I created Nina Cucina in the first place…

Since entering my young adult years I gravitated towards learning about natural remedies, our food system, the impact our food has on our health & how to use plants as medicine. I had an insatiable appetite for learning & applying those things into my own life. Since I didn't have any formal education at that point, it was just a hobby & a lifestyle choice.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to do something with those year of self exploration. My dear friend ,Christa Wittmier, was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer & I become one of her primary care takers. This life changing experience showed me first hand how important prevention is & not to wait until a diagnosis happens to make changes in your diet & lifestyle. This is what changed a hobby & personal lifestyle choice to creating a profession around becoming an advocate for others & their state of health.

The beginning of my professional journey towards helping others live a healthier life was the creation of Nina Cucina, a business preparing nutrient rich, plant-based foods at her local co-op & farmers markets.  This was a big step in the right direction but there was still a yearning to work in more of a one-on-one approach with my community.  Rather than just making them a few healthy meals a week, I wanted to facilitate a deeper impact. 

Graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in May of 2018 as a Holistic Health Coach was the first step in building my practice.  My studies provided a deep understanding that no one single approach to diet or lifestyle is right for everyone. Determined to have the skills to know what was right for each person lead me to becoming a student of the ancient holistic medicine system of Ayurveda at The California College of Ayurveda. This time honored wisdom connecting the mind, body & soul together with the cycles of nature felt like coming home deep in my heart. 

Now as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor intern I feel fully equipped with the tools needed to identify the root cause of a symptom & nurture patients through a harmonious treatment plan to support real healing & lasting change. Ayurveda is truly a gift to the world & I am honored to pass on its wisdom to allow others to heal themselves & find true peace & harmony within their own lives.