Building an Epic Salad

Salads are a great choice for a nutrient dense meal, they can fill us up without weighing us down. But salads get a bad rap- they can be boring & bland, leaving you feeling unsatisfied & hungry in an hour.  While this can definitely be true, it doesn’t always have to be the case. What if we approached them differently? Looked at the lettuce as a vehicle for some of our favorite foods like sweet cherry tomatoes, garlicy hummus, seasoned roasted veggies, creamy avocado & cooked whole grains. What if you could pull a few ingredients from your pantry & shake up a dressing that brings your salad from zero to hero in minutes? And what if it could keep you FULL, like genuinely satisfied full, until your next meal? Your salad can be all of that if we just approach it a little differently. Let’s try…

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NIna PullellaComment