My dad was born in Southern Italy, so being first generation Italian/American you could say that cooking is in my blood. Food was the nucleus of our family. Our parents had a restaurant and it was truly a family affair. Everyone working together from the time you could fill a water glass or count table numbers. And no matter how busy we were, we sat down and ate dinner together. We cooked together. We rolled up our sleeves and crushed tomatoes for sauce together.  As I grew into adulthood, cooking evolved into a creative outlet for me. It was also the way I had learned to communicate love and appreciation for friends and family, by sharing the food I created with TLC.


As I left the family nest I began to see that most people didn’t grow up with the same relationship to food as I did. Cooking for me was fun & creative, but for others it was a chore. As years went on I started to see that that I had a place in sharing, educating & shifting peoples feeling toward food. Which has brought me here, sharing my passion for cooking with you! My mission is to meet you where ever you are in your culinary journey. Because we all have to start somewhere!  

We start by changing the way we think about food & learning how we can enjoy the process. Then we need to work through the idea that we don't have enough time in our busy lives, which is the #1 reason people don't cook.  And it's no wonder! Society has created this expectation that we have to be constantly moving or we're not doing enough. But eating out all the time is expensive with a laundry list of hidden ingredients. And these ingredients are some of the biggest obstacles keeping people from losing weight. It's a vicious convenient circle that you'll never break until you take the control back into your own kitchen.

I see this as 3 problems with 3 SOLUTIONs…

Problem #1 Our lives are too busy to cook.

Solution: Examine where your time is being spent. Ask ourselves, how can we simplify? We need to slow ourselves down and make nourishing ourselves & our families a priority. Let's find the places in your life that are not a high priority but are sucking up a disproportionate amount of valuable time and energy.

Problem #2 Cooking is time consuming.

Solution: You might save time by eating quick ,processed foods but then lack the energy, focus & motivation you need to be productive later. So is that really saving you time? Here's where we put our heads together & come up with an efficient plan that works with your unique life’s goals. Together we will come up with the fastest ways to make the healthiest version of your favorite dishes. I'm going to teach you how to cook & shop smarter. We're going to dust off that slow cooker & start batch cooking, so 1 meal turns into 2 or 3. You can learn how to make easy meals in 30 min or less & how to keep your fridge & pantry stocked with the right things so you never feel like there's nothing to eat. 

Problem #3 Eating healthy is expensive. 

Solution: Teach you which foods are most important to buy organic & which ones are safe to buy conventionally grown. You will change the way to think about healthy food being expensive & I bet you will actually save money.

So, are you ready to take control of what you're eating?

 TO Start spending time in the kitchen eating the right foods that nourish your body & give you the energy you need to do the things you love?

It's time to feel comfortable and confident in front of a cutting board.

Let me share my passion with you & teach you the fundamentals of healthy living through food!