Nina Cucina Health is rooted in the philosophy of holistic healing. This approach applies awareness of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of each person. This means that we treat the whole person, not just their physical body. To support these multifaceted layers of healing we need to first create empowerment to give hope & bring excitement around the growth that is already in motion. We lean in on various healing modalities to create structure, routine & ritual for a strong foundation. One area of focus is sharing a long time personal passion- cooking.  I strive to pass on that passion by first creating awareness around the importance of food & the joy that it can bring. My approach is customized to each person- creating lists of foods to focus on & which to minimize, customized recipes, cooking classes & grocery store/farmers market support. The second area of focus is the philosophy & teachings that serve as the backbone & compass for my practice, the ancient healing system of Ayurveda. This system of holistic healing looks at the many facets of a person to bring into balance the most crucial pillars of their life. Ayurveda looks to nature for guidance, medicine & teaches us how to adapt to the natural changes of life. It serves as a complex & individualized guide for creating balance & facilitating in healing. Ayurveda teaches that it is what we do every day that has a profound impact on our health, not the things we do just once in a while. We begin to look at how a person begins & ends their day and ask how can we bring in simple yet harmonious practices to fill them up on a soul level & create stability within their life. Once the food & lifestyle pieces are in practice then we slowly integrate more subtle but equally important healing modalities to fine tune the growth such as Pranayama (breathing techniques), Meditation, Affirmation, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, Aromatherapy & Mantra. This expansive approach up-levels our Spirit to a peaceful state one never knew possible. 

At Nina Cucina Health my approach to healing begins with a new found priority of SELF.  With the hurried, demanding, ambitious & forever multi-tasking modern world that we live in we have learned to celebrate “he who does more on less sleep, wins!” With this mentality he may win the money, but we know this leads us far from winning the real gold. There is an excess of outward expectation and a deficiency of inward reflection. We are experiencing extreme levels of sensory overload overwhelmed by constant stimulation from our jobs, our devices & time spent on the road driving from one activity to the next with an expectation to available 24/7. This creates feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, intensity, not enough-ness and even depression. This is far from the life we lived only a few generations ago. We desperately lack quiet time, self-care, rejuvenation & self-reflection.  To begin to peel away & dissociated with this societal trend we must consciously give ourselves the opportunity to log off, unwind, decelerate, look inward, calm the mind and cultivate peace. This is where we can quiet the loud and constant banter of the ego (the mind) & create space to tune in to the whispers of our soul (our consciousness). Then can we begin to step into the truest version of ourselves, find harmony & purpose.

The work to unravel begins first by assessing one’s personal natural state of balance. This is the constitution which is as unique as our own thumb print, it is our “home-base”. Next we identify the current state of imbalance. Then we dig even deeper to uncover the deep-rooted tendencies and patterns. These findings weave a detailed picture of the whole person from which we create a road map for healing, to re-align back towards our own home-base for an optimal physical body and peaceful state of mind. With awareness of our imbalances, tendencies & patterns we can then begin to implement a plan to heal by creating slow change following an individualized treatment plan. This is where self- healing & empowerment begins. These adjustments up-level every aspect of our lives. How we show up for ourselves, interact with others, react to stress, utilize the breath, learn to create stillness of the mind, create gratitude, reverence & connection with what we choose to eat and how we engage with other in the world.  We learn how to break the chains of our unconscious habit patterns that can hold us prisoner to the cycle of imbalance. Now liberated from our patterns & empowered with tools to change we can step into our own power of self-realized truth.

Nina Cucina Health humbly offers the opportunity to assist in guiding those ready to move into their highest level of potential by creating a road map for their own self-healing. Taking from my own personal experience as care taker & advocate to Plant Based Chef & Ayurvedic Health Counselor I am here as a teacher, friend & ally. Blending my passion for cooking & the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda I bring my offering of service to inspire healing within my local & global community.