Nina inspires everyone with her humble, holistic, practical approach to health. She doesn’t push the same diet on everyone, she works with you to make the changes that make sense for you. She knows how to personalize her approach for your health needs. Nina gave me the best advice: just add a vegetable to every meal. I now add spinach to my morning smoothies and make an effort to always have something green on my plate with the meat. She leads by example. Inspiring is the number one word I’d use to describe Nina. Inspiring, practical, down-to-earth personalized health coaching.
— Dr. Amelia Rachel Hokulea Borofsky
Nina’s vast knowledge of all things health coupled with her enthusiasm to spread such knowledge made for an educational, interactive and simply fun cooking class. Learning how to utilize different gifts from Mother Nature and cultivate these into delicious, ethical and sustainable treats was a pleasure to be a part of. Nina beams with passion for life and for teaching the art of wellness and the Good Food Movement is very much so looking forward to working with her again! Mahalos!
— -Danielle Radford, The Good Food Movement
It was a lucky day for me when I was introduced to Nina & her outstanding food. She was selling various plant-based food creations at the farmers market, and I quickly became a regular customer. I am a Registered Nurse with a degree in Culinary Arts. Since about 5 years ago I changed to a whole-foods, plant based diet & though I am not a picky eater, I’m very particular about the quality of my food. By this I mean that it should taste delicious & be as healthy as possible. Also, it’s important to me to know what is really in the food that I eat. As a result, I end up preparing most of my food myself. This is a commitment I make to myself & it has paid off immeasurably. It was a blessing to find Nina making food that matched my standards. I could always count on the quality of her food. She is extremely knowledgable about the crucial role that food plays in our physical health & mental well-being. She is a talented chef whose concoctions I dearly miss. And last but not by any means the least, Nina is one of those rare people whose bright light shines from every pore of her being. I give her my highest recommendations & wish her the best in her new endeavor as a Health Coach.
— Vickie Biller, RN
Nina presented an inspiring cooking demonstration to the Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club (HTMC) members. She shared her passion for healthy food infused with divine seasonings of herbs and spices. Along with her expertise and enthusiasm for cooking she shared different ways to incorporate a variety of healthy grains, nuts, seeds, oils and local fruits and vegetables into our meals. Nina taught us how to prepare food and eat healthy giving everyone a boost of confidence and understanding for the basics. She shared delicious samples of her signature pesto and quinoa salad exclaiming we could all learn to make healthy and ono food. It was a liberating experience for everyone who attended. Nina’s presentation was both insightful and inspiring.
— Hawkins Biggins, Entertainment Chair Hawaiian Trail and Mountain Club
From the first moment I tickled my taste buds with Nina Cucina goodies, I was a fan! As a person with many food issues, it was wonderful to be able to walk up to her booth & know that everything was made, not only with love & local ingredients, but without hidden sugars, gluten & other things that my body doesn’t enjoy. And her friendly demeanor was the (organic) cherry on top! Everything she made was delicious. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into some Nina Cucina delights, get on it and thank me later!
— Annie Suite, Farm Lovers Markets- Director of Operations & Marketing